The GFinger VIP is online!

GFinger VIP function on the line, in order to bring better user experience, green fingers newly launched the VIP function
Here is to introduce this new function for you

Upload HD photos
Users can upload and download high-definition pictures, let Gfingers become your high-definition picture of the cloud library, save mobile phone space, clear record of flowers every moment!
Modification dairy date
Users can modify the date of their own growing up at any time, in your busy, can not carefully record the growing days of plants, to help you restore the precise state of the plant daily.

Watermark settings
Users can enjoy the privileges of adding user name watermark and not allowing others to save their own pictures. Make your pictures clear and protected by copyright.More preservation of pictures, no watermarks, pictures perfect preservation, give you a more comfortable user experience.

Blacklist settings
To VIP users more perfect user rights processing, pull black do not like the user.
Delete comments
VIP users can delete their favorite comments. Your comment is up to you!

Flower recycling station
The flowers VIP recovery can be used to store the new user station is already dead or deleted the memorial plant, you have plants, and plants along the old time record.

Remove advertising
VIP users can enjoy the advertising function. During the use of green fingers, do not be disturbed by advertising, give you more comfortable and efficient application experience.

The Gfinger aims to provide better functionality and services for the flower friends, but Gfingers also need to survive and grow, and need to increase revenue through advertising and other means,You can buy VIP services to completely bid farewell to pop-up ads, as well as upload and download high-definition pictures, watermark settings and other functions, Gfingers also want to have your understanding and support,Let us introduce more and better functions to serve you, thank you for your use!
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