Green Finger VIP Christmas Specials

Christmas is coming soon! This time we give our users a Christmas discount surprise!
Buy a permanent VIP before the December 26 can enjoy 20% off.

We support multi-platform, account can be used on multiple devices, simple and safe.
Vip specific functions:

① upload the hd pictures
VIP users can upload and download their own high-definition pictures! Let green fingers become your cloud library of high-definition pictures, save phone store, have a clear record of flowers every moment!

② modify the date
VIP users are free to modify the date of flower growth record, in your busy can not carefully record the growth of the day, restore the plant daily precision state.

③ watermark settings
VIP users can enjoy the privilege of adding user name watermarks and not allowing others to save your images. Make your image clear and protected by copyright. Save images do not add watermarks, images perfectly preserved, give you a more comfortable user experience.
④ blacklist settings
Give VIP users a better user rights handling, block the user who you do not like.

⑤ delete the comment
VIP users can delete the comments which you do not like, but also your clean and fresh environment.

⑥ flower recycling station
The new flower recycle bin for VIP users can be used to store the plants that the user temporarily deleted or have withered. Easy to retrieve the accidentally deleted plants, give you a chance to regret; to commemorate the green plants you have, record the old time with you and plants.

⑦ remove the ads
No longer show ads during the use of GFinger, give you more fun and efficient experience.

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We are waiting for you in the GFinger VIP Club, please buy it now ~~~
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