Indoor Plants That Grow Quickly: Fast-Growing Houseplants

Do you have a short attention span and need immediate pleasure from your houseplants? Numerous houseplants have a rapid growth rate, so you may enjoy them right away. Let's look at some indoor plants that grow quickly.

Houseplants that Grow Quickly
Pothos is a vine that grows very quickly and is also simple to cultivate. Your pothos, commonly known as Devil's Ivy, may grow significantly in just a few weeks if you provide it with optimal growth circumstances. Pothos enjoys more shade, so water it when the soil's surface dries up.
Many ferns, notably the well-known yet elusive maidenhair fern, have quick growth rates. Making sure that the soil around ferns never fully dries out is essential. The majority of ferns like to thrive in more shaded areas with little to no direct sunlight.

Another quick-growing plant is arrowhead vine. These plants are often short and bushy when bought. Don't worry if these plants expand when you get them home since they are really vining plants. If you want a bushier appearance, prune it back or give them a climbing support.

Hibiscus makes a beautiful and quickly growing houseplant if you have extremely warm and sunny windows. Give them the sunniest window you have and make sure they have plenty of water. They'll repay you with an abundance of big flowers and provide a touch of the tropics to your interior environment.
Another fast-growing indoor plant is the spider plant, which also has the advantage of being simple and quick to reproduce. For the optimum development, water when the soil's surface is dry and provide them with plenty of bright indirect light. On the plant, perfectly shaped plantlets with roots will grow, making them simple to spread.

If succulents are your preference, aloe vera grows very quickly for a succulent. They can withstand a bit more neglect than other plants since they are succulents. Give them lots of light and the most sunny window you can. They will repay you with rapid development and an easy ability to produce puppies at the plant's base.

Try a peace lily if you want a plant that can survive in reduced light levels. These plants bloom inside, have lovely leaves, and are proven to eliminate several pollutants from indoor air.

There are varieties of philodendron plants for any taste, ranging from quickly growing vining plants like the heart-leaf philodendron to bushier plants like the philodendron 'Xanadu. When the soil's surface is dry, water it, and provide them with a lot of bright indirect light. These shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight as they will turn yellow.

These are among the quickest houseplants you can grow inside, but there are many more options.
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