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As a native Canadian, I am often astounded by how little others know about my homeland. I've been asked everything from what it's like to live in an igloo (I don't; it seldom snows where I live in Vancouver) to how to see all of Canada in a week (as the world's second-largest nation, this would be impossible). Here are some things you should know before arranging a vacation to the Great White North to help you make the most of your first visit.

1. Canada is too large to visit in a single trip

Canada is large, having a land area of about 10 million square kilometers. The nation is home to the world's longest coastline, as well as the second-highest mountain peak in North America (Mount Logan in Kluane National Park, Yukon) and the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic seas. With ten provinces, three territories, and six time zones, it's fair to say that Canada is a nation full with opportunities. It is preferable to arrange your trip to Canada around one province or territory. From British Columbia's lush green forests, seaside beaches, and snow-capped ski slopes to Ontario's dynamic and culturally varied cities to Nunavut's snow-and-ice-covered Canadian Arctic, each area has its own scenery, culture, and people.

2. The metric system is used in Canada

Distance is measured in kilometers, gasoline is measured in liters, and weather predictions are given in degrees Celsius. While many other nations do the same, it is often assumed that Canada uses the same measuring system as its southern neighbors. This is especially important for Americans who use the imperial measuring system.

3. Despite the fact that Canada is a bilingual nation, not all Canadians speak French

Canada is one of the world's most ethnically diversified nations. While both French and English are official languages in Canada, many locations have individuals who only speak one of the two languages well. There are even parts of the country where neither language is spoken. The only province where French is the only official language is Quebec. Regardless of the language spoken in each location, signs and packaging across the nation are normally in both English and French - a law in force since the Official Languages Act was passed in 1969.

4. It does not always snow in Canada

As a nation with a vast geographical variety, the climate varies greatly depending on where you travel. The West Coast of British Columbia, for example, enjoys a warm climate all year. Winter does not usually bring snow, and summer temperatures average 22°C (or 71°F). The temperatures drop as you go farther north. Nunavut, on the other hand, has an annual average temperature of 20°C (or 3°F). Much of Canada's top half has just two seasons: brief summers and lengthy, frigid winters with significant snowfalls and freezing temperatures. Check the climatic averages before you arrive and prepare for a variety of weather conditions, particularly on the West Coast, where it rains often.

5. Be mindful of animals

Canada is home to a diverse mix of flora and animals, from hefty black bears and spawning salmon in British Columbia to playful foxes and cheery piping plovers on Prince Edward Island. It is unlawful to feed animals, and there are rules prohibiting humans from viewing wildlife in close proximity. When exploring outdoors, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings, and if you see any animals, maintain your distance.

6. Indigenous cultures are very important

Indigenous Peoples of Canada include the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit. Canadians acknowledge and value the rich and varied Indigenous cultures that are not only an important part of our past but are also prevalent throughout the nation today. Certain words used to describe the indigenous inhabitants of the area overseas may not be allowed in Canada, so do your study before you visit to avoid using potentially offending language. Consider integrating Indigenous experiences in your vacation itinerary to genuinely enjoy and respect Canada. Book a multi-day guided paddling tour with Indigenous-owned luxury lodges that provide rich cultural experiences. Hike across the country's most beautiful and pristine regions while learning about the environment from a cultural viewpoint. The experiences provided are likely to make an impression.

7. Be prepared for excessive politeness

The polite Canadian stereotype is very correct. We say "sorry" a lot in Canada, and not only after we've done something wrong. Also, don't be startled if someone holds the door open for you or if a stranger says "hi!" to you. In formal encounters, "please" and "thank you" abound, and Canadians are especially kind on the road, flashing a cheerful wave when someone allows you in while changing lanes. Canadians are generally warm and accessible, but there are always outliers.

8. Always leave a gratuity

Tipping is typical in Canada, whether eating out or getting a haircut. For a meal or service received, an average of 18% of the total price is left as a gratuity. Tipping is considered impolite, and individuals will often tip over the norm if they believe the service to be extraordinary.

9. Don't forget to try some Canadian food

From poutine (fries topped with gravy and cheese curds) to beaver tails (hand-stretched fried dough pastries dusted with icing sugar), there's something for everyone. Don't worry, no real beavers are used), Canada offers some delectable delights that are a must-try. Bannock (a traditional Indigenous bread) and butter tarts are two more Canadian delights (a small pastry tart with a sweet filling). Certain places have their own specialties, such as Nova Scotia's delectable lobster rolls, Montreal's scrumptious bagels, or Vancouver Island's chocolaty Nanaimo treats.

10. The legal drinking age varies per state

The legal drinking age in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec is 18, whereas the age to buy, possess, and consume alcohol in the rest of Canada is 19. In certain jurisdictions, such as British Columbia and Ontario, the government controls alcohol sale and distribution.
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Milan is an incredible city with a rich history, famous for its excellent fashion scene, Leonardo Da Vinci's heritage, iconic hotels and buildings, exquisite food, and strong culture. Millions of visitors arrive each year, and there is a reason for this: Milan is home to numerous renowned works of art, including Sandro Botticelli's Madonna of the Book, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo's The Fourth Estate, and Michelangelo's Rondanini Pietà, as well as huge fashion legends such as Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bottega Veneta. Whether with family or friends, for a week or a weekend, there are a profusion of alternatives for things to see and do in Milan, making it the ideal getaway for every traveller. The city is also well-known for having some of the most accessible and extensive transportation networks in Italy, making it relatively easy to get about. I've gone here many times, sometimes alone and sometimes with loved ones, yet each visit seems like the first since there's always something new to discover. So, without further ado, here are the finest activities in Milan.

Verticale Bosco

Bosco Verticale, which translates to "Vertical Forests," are two residential buildings in Milan's Porta Nuova area. The towers, which were completed in 2014, were designed to offer a home for both people and trees. Bosco Verticale can be viewed as a metropolitan reforestation or urban ecosystem because the pair give back to nature and the surrounding environment. Although they are residences, they have also become architectural marvels of the city, adding to the many landmarks and structures to see while in Milan. With hundreds of plants and bushes covering the 260 and 360-foot buildings, their lush green façade are worthy of appreciation and should not be missed while visiting the city.

Brera Neighborhood

The Brera neighborhood, popularly known as Milan's artists' quarter, is a bustling region packed with modern art galleries such as Pinacoteca di Brera, Galleria Antonio Battaglia, and Miart Gallery, a museum, and The Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, an academy for fine arts in the heart of the city. Brera's appeal is enhanced by cobblestone streets, boutique businesses, and Milanese eateries. A tour here should include the Palazzo di Brera, a palace constructed on the ruins of a monastery, as well as a visit to the Brera market, which is held on the third Sunday of each month (apart from August).

Aperol Terrazza

Terrazzo Aperol, located in the city center, is a contemporary bar with an attractive terrace affording amazing views of the Duomo di Milano while facing the plaza. Terrazzo Aperol is a great gathering site before and after a day of shopping and touring in Milan, thanks to its central position and proximity to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Local delicacies and delectable dinners may be savored here. Because of its popularity, there is often a small line to get in, but it's worth the wait once you're inside and can enjoy the view with an Aperol Spritz.

Prada Foundation

Fondazione Prada, founded in 1993 and co-chaired by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli since 1995, is an art and cultural foundation featuring exhibitions in Tokyo and Shanghai. The permanent location is in the south of Milan, Largo Isarco, and is housed in a former gin distillery from 1910, which serves as an inventive and eye-catching headquarters. Fondazione Prada has shown a plethora of spectacular and daring modern works of art, with the organization having a particular interest in specialized sectors such as film, science, and music. Jeff Koons, Carsten Höller, and Mariko Mori are among the artists who have had their work shown at Fondazione Prada.


Milan City Council succeeded to preserve a significant element of the city's history in 1990 by transforming a former Ansaldo plant into Mudec, an art and culture museum. Mudec houses studios, workshops, and a variety of changing shows throughout the year. Although the museum's sleek and contemporary design is a piece of art in and of itself, visitors may examine numerous types of art as well as get an understanding of diverse civilizations. The metro is an easy way to get here. Mudec is around a 25-minute walk from Duomo, with the nearest stations being Sant'Agostino and Porta Genova.

Milano Triennale

Triennale di Milano, located at Parco Sempione, was established in 1923. It was initially located in Monza before being relocated to Palazzo dell'Arte in 1933, where it currently houses a rotating exhibition as well as permanent installations. Between 1936 and 1996, the museum had several exhibits before closing for twenty years and reopening in 2016. Several hours might be spent admiring the great arts and architecture of La Triennale before strolling around the grounds of Parco Sempione, Milan's biggest park. Walking to the museum from the city center takes around 20 minutes and is a nice walk packed with gorgeous buildings and businesses to appreciate. If you want to ride the metro, the nearest stations are Cadorna FN and Cadorna M1 M2.

The Canals of Milan

Milan used to be densely networked by navigli (canals), which served as arterial commerce linkages to the countryside. Most have regrettably vanished, but the banks of two of the surviving ones, as well as the basin where they meet, known as Darsena, have become the city's liveliest spot for casual drinking, eating, shopping in antique stores, or just wandering by the river during the last two decades. The neighborhood is located southwest of the city center and is within walking distance of Porta Genova on Metro Line 2.

The Sant'Ambrogio Basilica

The Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio is tucked away in the narrow lanes near the castle. It is named for the fourth-century bishop who became Milan's patron saint and is a close second to the Duomo as the city's most prominent church. It is crammed with historical and creative wonders inside its somber, red-brick walls, featuring a solid-gold 12th-century altar, which houses the saint's embalmed corpse. The church is at a short distance from the Sant'Ambrogio Metro station (Line 2).
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If making your health and fitness objectives into reality seems daunting, you're not alone. To achieve any objective, you must make adjustments. And asking oneself to change habits or behaviors that you have developed through time, whether purposefully or unconsciously via repetition, is a hefty request. Health experts and researchers have long sought to unravel the riddle of behavior change in order to assist individuals in improving their health and fitness, and they have discovered various ways of behavior change that you may utilize to take tiny, manageable steps that will lead to success. A typical misperception regarding behavior change is that it will be challenging, but the effects will be immediate. In truth, success is found in making incremental, manageable adjustments over time, resulting in long-lasting healthy habits. To acquire healthy behaviors—eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and managing stress—you must be patient and do all you can to make it enjoyable. The American Council on Exercise has spent years researching the most recent behavior-change research to guarantee that its personal trainers, health coaches, and other exercise professionals are utilizing the most appropriate tools for the current day. You may use these techniques in your own life to begin taking modest but significant steps toward greater health and fitness.

3 Simple Ways to Begin Changing Your Behavior

Psychology of Happiness

This form of behavior modification encourages you to concentrate on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Rather of attempting to cure what is wrong with you, seek for chances to establish a strengths-based, forward-thinking, and supportive atmosphere that helps enhance a meaningful behavior change journey. This strategy is heavily based on mentality, which is an important component of any behavior-change endeavor. Because you cannot separate your brain from your body, practicing mental training is just as necessary as exercising your body. Try keeping a gratitude notebook. Gratitude journaling, which is just appreciating what you have, is arguably one of the most powerful types of positive psychology. Before you turn on your phone or turn on the news in the morning, sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and jot down three things you are thankful for. This might range from fresh air and a bright day to the cup of coffee you're enjoying while you write. You may also go on a mindful stroll in nature, pausing to enjoy the sights and sounds.

Theory of Self-Determination

This strategy, also known as the philosophy of human motivation, focuses on your potential and desire to develop and connect as a person. Community is one of the most effective factors that may help you modify your health and fitness habits. The bedrocks of this idea are competence (feeling like you've done a good job), autonomy (owning your changes), and relatedness (the power of community and connecting with others). Try this: Find a workout partner. Join a walking group or invite a family member or friend to join you in your attempts to be more active. on this goal to effect constructive change. See how having someone else hold you accountable enhances your drive and resolve.

SMART Objectives

It is crucial to have a goal, but making sure it is a SMART goal—specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound—has been found to contribute to higher success. Try this: Create a SMART Goal. Consider participating in a walking event if you want to become a quicker, fitter walker. This objective is detailed (how many miles you'll walk), reachable (start with a reasonable distance based on your current fitness level), relevant (walking is something most people love doing, and preparing for this event will help you get there), and time-bound (the date of the event gives you a set target to aim for when training). This method may be used to a variety of objectives, such as decreasing weight, gaining strength, or changing your nutrition. The objective is to ensure that your goal has all of the aspects of a SMART goal so that you end up with a detailed strategy rather than a hazy sense of what you need to do to attain it. Change is difficult and time-consuming. Don't underestimate the impact of a positive mentality; be interested about the process and enjoy the ride.
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Christmas is typically a time to overindulge, but don't let this be your excuse! You may still enjoy all of the season's events and get through the Christmas season without negatively impacting your health or waistline. Try our top ten healthy Christmas recommendations.

1. Do Not Sit All Day

We know that every Christmas special under the sun will be on TV, but you don't have to spend the whole day on the couch! Encourage everyone in the family to go for a stroll at some time, preferably after dinner to improve digestion. Take any new outdoor presents, like as bikes, scooters, footballs, or Frisbees, or play old-fashioned activities, since the more active, the better.

2. Take it easy with the alcohol

If you're staying at home for the holidays, those alcohol units may quickly add up. Mulled wine on Christmas Eve, Bucks Fizz with brunch, wine with supper, Baileys, brandy... So, try to keep track of how much you're drinking and alternate between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

3. Don't Stuff Yourself For Christmas!

According to recent studies, we eat over 3,000 calories during our Christmas meal - more than the whole recommended daily consumption for an adult male! This massive feast not only leads to weight gain but also to indigestion and heartburn, not to mention sleepiness for the remainder of the day, lowering your odds of burning off much of it. Rather than overindulging on Christmas dinner, eat a normal-sized meal and then take a 20-minute pause to check whether you are still hungry (it takes this long for the brain to register that the stomach is full). You'll probably realize you've had enough.

4. Avoiding Colds

Colds are common around the holidays, in part because many of us travel across the nation, exposing ourselves - and others - to various cold viruses. Reduce your risks by having a strong immune system (eating a good diet, getting enough sleep, and avoiding smoking will help), which will allow you to fight off infections more effectively.

5. Don't Worry

' Tis the season to be cheerful,' yet jolly is the last thing many of us feel with overspending, cooking, cleaning, never-ending 'to-do' lists, and unwanted company. Maintain a sense of humor and proportion. Is it the end of the world if the vegetables are overdone or the mantelpiece is dusty? Do you truly care about Auntie Mary's opinion of you and your partner living together but not married? Remember that Christmas is just one day out of 365, and it's not worth fussing over.

6. Consume Fruit

Let's be honest: most of us spend the whole Christmas season eating nothing but the satsuma in our stockings. It just does not appear on the Christmas menu. But, with late nights, overindulging, and partying, it's more crucial than ever to acquire your vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Make sure your Christmas shopping list includes enough fruit and vegetables to fill your fruit bowl and meet your daily fruit and vegetable requirements. (And no, mulled wine does not qualify as a single serving!)

i7. Volunteer to Help Others

It's difficult to escape the commercialization that has engulfed Christmas in the Western world, but it doesn't have to be all about giving or getting goods. This holiday season, try to do something kind for others, whether it's making extra mince pies for an elderly neighbor or giving presents to a local charity.

8. Consider Your Options Before Eating

Christmas is a time of abundance, and with nuts, chocolates, mince pies, and cheese straws everywhere, it would be somewhat Scrooge-like to propose that you refrain from eating any delicacies throughout the holiday season! But before you blindly shove whatever is in front of you into your mouth, take a time to consider if you actually want it or are simply eating it because it's there.

9. Use Your Brain

Instead of turning off the TV, keep your mind engaged by playing games such as Trivial Pursuit or Charades. This is also an excellent method to bring everyone together. If you aren't a 'gamer,' keep your mind active by setting up any new technologies, such as Playstations, iPads, cell phones, or computers.

10. Cook With Caution

If your Christmas chores involve preparing the meal, you'll be disappointed to learn that December is one of the most prevalent months for individuals to suffer food poisoning, according to the Food Standards Agency. To reduce the hazards, avoid leaving food out all day. Put out tiny portions at a time, so that what is on the table has just been prepared or taken from the refrigerator. Ideally, utilize or freeze any leftovers within 48 hours. When it comes to turkey, always thaw it in the fridge, allowing 10 to 12 hours per kilo, and never wash it, since this might transmit germs that will be killed by cooking anyhow. Most importantly, enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season!
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Most individuals want to work in a career that they love, that they are competent at, and that allows them to make a comfortable living. However, it is much more difficult than many people realize to find the ideal job, get an interview, and secure the position. It's a difficult world these days, with fierce competition for opportunities in many areas. Some individuals know what kind of work they want, but they don't apply because they either don't notice the job advertisements in time or believe they lack the necessary skills and credentials. If you do have a professional path in mind, there are measures you can take to get there, and leveraging internet technologies may be really beneficial. You can do anything online, from creating a CV to researching job interview questions, which can aid you if you get an interview. There are also methods for finding the ideal job by going online, and we will provide some suggestions in this article.

What Can You Do Online?

There are many actions you can take online to not only locate the right career for you, but also increase your chances of landing that position. Among them are:

1. Use Online Job Boards

One thing you can do online to assist you to locate the right job is to utilize one of the numerous online job sites that are accessible. This is an excellent approach to guarantee that you do not miss out on any potentially relevant positions, and it will also save you a significant amount of time, worry, and bother by sending employment prospects immediately to you as they become available. All you have to do is input your information and the specifics of what you're searching for.

2. Requirements for Research

Another thing you can do online is investigated the qualifications for various occupations and sectors that interest you. Based on your abilities, interests, and experience levels, this will give you a better indication of if it is the correct decision for you. It will also make it easier for you to determine how you can acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to enter that career. You can discover lots of information on all job kinds and sectors online.

3. Improve Your Knowledge

You can also use the internet to improve your skills and qualifications so that you can apply for the perfect job. If you do not already have the necessary qualification and skills that you need, there are plenty of online educational facilities where you can do courses from the comfort of your own home. You can then work toward landing that dream job.
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With Christmas becoming more costly, it's a time when many of us wonder how we may be able to generate a little extra income during the holiday season - for all the wine and cheese we want to purchase, of course. Fortunately, this time of year is ideal for job searchers, as hundreds of temporary seasonal job openings appear, providing a unique chance to make some additional income to offset the expense of the extra food and presents we'll all be purchasing. So, if you need to supplement your income this holiday season or just avoid going into debt, here are the top 30 Christmas jobs to consider.

Santa in the Mall

A mall Santa is the first top Christmas job to consider throughout the holidays. Shopping malls across the globe have fascinating grottos that enchant both youngsters and adults. If you choose to take on this position, you may make a lot of money around the holidays, with some freelance Santas earning up to $500 per hour! You must have a positive attitude and a clean criminal background.

Retail Employee

While it may not be the most attractive career, there are lots of retail jobs available! Companies begin recruiting for temporary retail personnel well in advance of the Christmas season, so it's worth checking around to see what's available. You'll require strong dispute resolution and customer service abilities for this position. If you work hard and do well in your job, you may be retained permanently following the holiday season.

Personal Shopper

If you like shopping, you may make it a profession by working as a personal shopper. At the very least, you'd be making money instead of spending it on yourself or your family! This is an excellent alternative during the holiday season, when many individuals are looking for present ideas for their loved ones and desperately need some assistance and direction.

Decorator of Windows

If you have a creative flair, this may be a terrific opportunity for you, whether it's on a freelance basis, decorating customers' windows with varied snow-spray artwork, or working for a retail company painting their festive displays. To be effective in this work, you must have outstanding creative thinking abilities as well as the appropriate trade tools.

Representative of Customer Service

For individuals with excellent customer service abilities and expertise, being a customer service representative over the Christmas season is an excellent alternative. You'll be handling inquiries regarding late delivery, broken or malfunctioning items, and general complaints. Many organizations recruit customer support personnel on a remote basis, which means you may work from home in your fluffy Christmas socks if you so wish.

Instructor of Skiing

If you enjoy the notion of working overseas, you might always go to become a ski instructor during the holiday season. You must hold a Level 1 Ski Instructor certification from the International Ski Instructors Association. If you do not have this certification, there are alternative positions available at ski resorts, such as leadership and customer service.


Christmas is regarded as being a gluttonous holiday, with all manner of birds and meats adorning our tables. Naturally, someone must prepare this meat for us, which is where a butcher comes in. You don't need any formal credentials to become a butcher, but you will need some on-the-job training and an awareness of food safety requirements.

Decorator of Christmas Trees

Christmas tree decorators, who work under the larger category of goods displayer and window trimmer, get to display ornaments and tree decorations at numerous companies (and private residences) all around the globe. If you have strong attention to detail, this is an excellent position for you to pursue.

The Delivery Driver

Most savvy shoppers now conduct their Christmas shopping online, which means mail delivery carriers need assistance as well. During the holiday season, FedEx, UPS, Yodel, and Amazon all advertise for thousands of additional employees, largely in sorting offices, but also in driving and driver support roles. Many of these temporary positions may also lead to permanent employment.

Uber Driver

Working for Uber, the taxi service app where you can choose your own hours, is a terrific way to monetize your driving license during the winter months. You may even arrange your automobile like a grotto to add some additional Christmas spirit if you want to obtain good ratings (and tips). You'll be taxiing Christmas partygoers, and premiums are higher at this time of year, so it's something to think about if you want to supplement your part-time income.

Pet Sitter

Although pet sitting is a year-round business, the holiday season is especially busy as individuals travel to see relatives and go on vacation. Pet sitters care after customers' best pawpals while they are away, either by remaining in their house or by visiting them often throughout the day.

Taster of food

While certain Christmas dishes are an acquired taste, if you're a bit of a gourmet, you could always turn it into a successful business. You would be tasting testing goods for various grocery shops, including holiday favorites like Christmas puddings and other festive treats!
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San Francisco is a stunning, charismatic, inventive, caring, and cosmopolitan city that manages to be both traditional and counterculture. It is the city that gave birth to the Summer of Love 50 years ago and now leads technological advancements. It's no surprise that so many people leave their hearts here.

When to Go

Summer brings swarms of visitors from all over the globe, but don't anticipate California beach weather because of Karl the Fog, a relentless force of nature. Fall (September-November) brings the hottest temperatures and sunniest weather of the year. In April, expect less people and nice weather.


Every February, the streets of America's oldest Chinatown are filled with floats, dragons, and colorful costumes to celebrate Lunar New Year. The Mission District celebrates Mexican ancestry, particularly during a family-friendly celebration held on the Saturday closest to Cinco de Mayo. At San Francisco Pride, which takes place the final full weekend in June, throngs of rainbow revelers celebrate diversity. The famed Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music event, held in Golden Gate Park on the first weekend of October, is free.

How to Eat

Locals in San Francisco are crazy with Mexican cuisine, particularly the forearm-size "mission style" burritos available at famous spots El Farolito and Taqueria La Cumbre. San Francisco's hallmark meal is cioppino, a delicious fish stew. For a genuine flavor, wear a bib and dive into Sotto Mare's "Best Damn Crab Cioppino."

Take-Home Souvenirs

Sweet memories may be discovered within a box of Recchiuti Confections chocolates featuring photographs of some of the city's most well-known monuments. Anchor Brewing features a gift store on the premises that sells t-shirts, glasses, and even barrel-aged bottled brews that are not available elsewhere. Cards, posters, books, and souvenirs featuring classic San Francisco photos are available at the Warming Hut on Crissy Field, with sales benefiting the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Sustainable Travel Tips

San Francisco is built for walking. Don't be concerned about the hills; the reward is spectacular vistas of the bridges and harbor, Alcatraz and Angel Islands, plus sights and noises that would otherwise be missed from a vehicle window. Choose a neighborhood and start walking!

View Worthy of Instagram

Crissy Field is more than simply a place for residents to walk their dogs, run, cycle, jump, and picnic. It also has the most spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The suspension bridge is a drool-worthy background for photography, particularly early in the morning when the rising light colors the bridge brilliantly.
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The "most lovely time of the year" is coming, and locations throughout the globe are getting into the holiday mood. The greatest locations to visit for Christmas are those with cheery decorations and festive activities that capture the holiday spirit — and it doesn't hurt if there's also stunning landscape. Not to mention that many of these wonderful Christmas spots are scattered around the country, so you're just a short drive away from a fantastic December holiday. These are the greatest locations to travel to for Christmas this year, from sunny beaches to winter wonderland ski resorts.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This December, take advantage of excellent skiing and lovely Christmas celebrations at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Guests may enjoy family-friendly activities such as New Year's Eve fireworks during the Holiday Roundup, which runs from December 23 to December 31. There are a number of beautiful slopeside hotels to select from, including the luxury Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa and the ski-in/ski-out Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole. Keep an eye out for the elk antler arches that frame the Town Square in downtown Jackson, which will be lighted up with white lights over the Christmas season. You may also arrange a trip to the Granite Hot Springs Pool, which can only be reached by snowmobile, fat bike, dog sled, or ski for a unique journey that embraces the hot and cold.

New York City, New York

There is nothing quite like Christmas in New York City. Seeing the city decked with dazzling lights and towering trees while shopping for last-minute presents or sipping hot chocolate is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should enjoy. You may enjoy a renowned holiday tradition, such as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and the holiday markets.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

At Beaver Creek in Colorado, hit the slopes for the ultimate winter wonderland experience. The Christmas season provides festive activities for the whole family to enjoy – see the resort's schedule for a complete list of holiday events. Stay at The Osprey at Beaver Creek, a RockResort that provides magnificent accommodations and an outdoor heated pool, or reserve one of just 60 rooms at The Pines Lodge, a RockResort that features spectacular views and ski-in/ski-out access.

Solvang, California

If you won't be able to visit the picturesque streets of London or Munich this winter, you may have a taste of Europe right here in the United States. Solvang is a tiny community in California's Santa Ynez Valley that was developed in the early 1900s by a group of Danes. They helped to build this lovely Danish hamlet, which is today recognized for its Danish companies and European architecture. Each Christmas season, Solvang has Julefest, replete with festive activities and décor – check the website for information on this year's festivities. You may also stay in one of the city's lovely boutique hotels, such as The Landsby or The Winston.

Washington, DC

This December, visit the nation's capital for the ideal blend of Christmas spirit and fun activities for the whole family. There are so many amazing things to do in D.C., and many of them are free, so you can save your money for some last-minute Christmas shopping. To escape the cold, visit one of the famed Smithsonian museums, wrap up and visit the National Zoo, or stroll down the National Mall and see the winter decorations (hot cocoa in hand, of course). When it comes to lodgings, The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown is a great choice for convenient access to the city's most picturesque area.

Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys are a perfect vacation for people wishing to spend the holidays in a U.S. beach resort, with delightfully mild December weather. Take a lovely drive across the Florida Keys, stopping at islands along the way to the famed Key West. Because December is a popular season to visit these gorgeous islands, you may prefer to stay at Sunset Key Cottages for a more private stay. Guests board a boat from Key West to the 27-acre island to reach this quaint resort. When you arrive, you'll discover tranquillity only a short ride from Key West's attractions.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a fantastic destination at any time of year. The city is well-known for its culture, culinary scene, and scenic surroundings, but it also stages a variety of festive activities throughout December. Ski Santa Fe, located less than an hour distant, also offers adjacent winter activities. Book your accommodation at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe, which provides a variety of festive facilities, or spend the night on the historic Santa Fe Plaza when you stay at La Fonda on the Plaza.
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The World Cup has officially begun, with the first matches taking place in Qatar on Sunday. Continue reading if you want to feel even more connected with the competition! We've compiled a list of health tips and methods that World Cup stars swear by!

Have Fun With Your Activities

England's Phil Foden enjoys fishing in his spare time, while Harry Kane and Wales captain Gareth Bale enjoy a round of golf. According to nutritionist Jess Hilliard, "they may reduce stress and anxiety as well as boost focus and patience."

Consume Vitamin-rich Meals

Lionel Messi of Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal are both fans of seaweed. Seaweed is a vitamin, mineral, and protein-rich diet that also includes important antioxidants and iodine, which helps to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Maintain Your Mental Sharpness

Trent Alexander-Arnold, an England defender, swears by hobbies such as sophisticated augmented reality games and chess to increase response time, memory, and depth perception. When asked about chess, he remarked, "It's comparable to football in that it's all about strategy, tactics, and various methods of playing."

Take A Little Power Sleep

"I adore sleeping directly after training," England great Eric Dier said about napping. It lifts my spirits for the remainder of the day." For football players and the rest of us, a fast power sleep increases alertness, memory, and performance!
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Carin Kreutzer and Leah Buturain Schneider of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology provided Thanksgiving ideas that help both the mind and the body.

Remember to Express Gratitude

Gratitude is beneficial to your health. According to research, it may lower blood pressure, reduce depression, and enhance quality of life. Buturain Schneider, a gerontologist, theologian, and mindful aging specialist at USC, remarked, "Gratitude works." But, she says, thankfulness is a habit that may be practiced every day of the year, not an emotion. "You may increase your gratitude consciousness by discussing what you are grateful for or by telling them how much you appreciate them." Expressing this helps us heal gaps, links us to the sacrifices of others, and enables us to perceive plenty rather than scarcity."

Serve Up Solid Partnerships

Recently, social isolation has been identified as potentially more hazardous to health than smoking or obesity. Despite the hassles of travel and the stress of family relationships, Thanksgiving fosters community through fostering shared experiences with family and friends, as well as accepting strangers. "Most individuals say they wish to stay healthy until they are 80 years old. People claim that around the age of 80, what counts most is connections," Buturain Schneider added. "The Thanksgiving holiday is a poignant reminder of how sharing a meal with others can bring a feeling of camaraderie and belonging that many individuals, especially older persons, lack in their life."

Offer a Helpful Hand

Many homeless shelters and senior communities are overwhelmed with volunteers to offer Thanksgiving dinners. And, like thankfulness, research suggests that helping others may boost the giver's health. "We feel most alive when we use our abilities to benefit others," Buturain Schneider remarked. "The issue is to create time in our life to do this all year so that recipients may show their thanks and get support on more than one occasion."

Body: Make Lunch Your Main Meal

Research is increasingly indicating that it is not simply what we eat, but also when we consume, that is important. Many families eat their Thanksgiving dinner in the afternoon rather than the evening, which is a start in the right direction for all days, according to nutritionist Kreutzer, head of the USC Leonard Davis School's Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity program. "Our bodies are more effective at burning calories throughout the day while we are active than they are at storing extra calories as fat when we sleep." Front-loading calories allows you to absorb all of those calories well before night, which may help with weight reduction and general health, including managing and avoiding diabetes and obesity."

After Meals, Get Moving

Thanksgiving provides yearly chances to exercise, from local Turkey trots to family flag football games. Moderate daily movement, in addition to a balanced diet, is a proven intervention that may lower the risk for a range of illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. "Thanksgiving is an excellent time to start incorporating activity into your daily routine." A daily walk or other sort of activity is beneficial to both the body and the mind."

Keep Some Leftovers

Some folks prefer the turkey sandwich on Friday to the main course on Thursday. Whatever you decide, it's critical to distribute the reward. Practicing portion management at each meal helps us avoid eating too much in one sitting. "Three to four ounces of protein is plenty for most individuals," Kreutzer says. "Saving food for the following several days helps you to enjoy the meal numerous times and avoids consuming too many calories all at once."
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